Naturally Spectacular

Surrounded by an unparalleled natural environment. Set on the shores of Baynes Sound in Georgia Strait between Courtenay/Comox and Nanaimo, Union Bay stretches from its natural harbour and beaches up the gentle slopes of the landscape, giving you panoramic views of the water and Cascade mountains of the Mainland.

A location that gives everyone a naturally spectacular place to call home.

Connected in Every Sense

For a community surrounded by nature, Union Bay Estates is remarkably well connected.

Only 15 minutes’ drive from Courtenay/Comox and an hour from Nanaimo, getting to and from this community is effortless. And if you prefer to travel by air or sea, your options are equally easy. There are multiple daily ferry connections to Vancouver, and the Courtenay/Comox airport has several daily connections to Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton along with the host of seaplane options that will allow you direct point-to-point access.





A Cultural Capital

Known as "The Valley of Festivals", the calendar each year offers a world events that celebrate every aspect of this remarkable valley.

Its location also offers one of the only true alpine to ocean experiences in the world with a mere 40-minute drive between the two, and combined with the ocean beaches, freshwater beaches, national parks, hiking, biking, kayaking, boating, fishing, and even cave exploring, and the Comox Valley is a world that endlessly enrich your life.








Union Bay Estates will not only bring the community back to life, but also provide a significant stimulus to the region at large.

A once vibrant community and a significant contributor to the region’s economy and culture, the addition of Union Bay Estates’ residential, commercial, retail and educational districts will not only bring the community back to life, but also provide a significant stimulus to the region at large.

The comprehensive approach to Union Bay Estates will ensure that its influence goes beyond economics. The addition of almost 2,994 homes will add a new cultural centre to the central valley, adding a fourth town to the Courtenay/Comox and Cumberland equation.

As a progressive, liveable, and self-sustaining community, Union Bay Estates will do more than return Union Bay to its former glory, it will set a course towards a future that will revitalize and redefine the Comox Valley.


Union Bay Estates is in the traditional land of three indigenous peoples, the Comox, the Pentlatch, and the Lekwiltok.

First established in 1887, it was originally called Union Wharf, and was developed as a shipping port for the coal mines at Cumberland. A 600 ft wharf and a rail network connected the mines to the port and the community of Union Bay was developed to support this industrial activity. With Chinese miners, workers from India, Scottish bricklayers Japanese coke oven operators, Union Bay became known as ‘The Friendly Port’, a place that welcomed everyone.

Of the original buildings of Union Bay, only 4 remain; the school built 1915, the church built in 1906, post office from 1913 which is Canada’s only post office built before WW1 still in service, and the Gaolhouse (jailhouse) built in 1901. Together they form what is now Union Bay’s Heritage Row. Preserved and maintained by the Union Bay Historical Society, the Post Office is the most significant of all the remaining buildings. The tall, stately wooden building opened in 1913 and has since then been serving the community six days a week through all kinds of weather, an earthquake, two world wars and a restoration.

The Union Bay Post Office is an integral part of the town’s history, and the vision for the Union Bay Estates includes the commitment to preserve this important part of the community.