A world in one

With Union Bay Estates’ idyllic location overlooking the water, you’d be forgiven if you thought it was only a resort community, but if you take a closer look, you’ll quickly discover it’s so much more.

Union Bay Estates will be a complete, year-round, self-sustaining community that contains every aspect for you to thrive.

Marina Village

  • 200-Slip Marina
  • Public and Private Berths
  • Floatplane Docks

The marina village will be the heart of Union Bay Estates. Along with a 200-slip marina that features public and private berths for vessels from 12 ft. – 60 ft as well as floatplane capacity, the marina village will be home to a world of shopping, dining and entertainment.

Shopping, Dining & Entertainment

  • Oceanfront Retail
  • Village Shopping
  • Commercial Space

From a supermarket and pharmacy, to speciality retailers and a cinema, Union Bay Estates’ vision extends beyond a traditional residential community and will oceanfront retail, village retail, commercial space as well as work/live spaces.

Hotels & Resorts

  • Marina Hotel
  • Resort & Spa
  • Community Spaces

In a setting that’s idyllic in every sense, it’s only natural that Union Bay Estates will feature a hospitality component. Accommodating around 100 guests each, the marina hotel will provide a contemporary ‘marina lifestyle’ experience, with a second hotel creating an unmatched ‘oceanfront resort and spa experience.

Tech Park

  • Commercial Centre
  • Office Space
  • Industrial Zone

Along with traditional commercial space in the marina village, Union Bay Estates will feature a technology-focussed commercial centre consisting of office space with limited light industrial capacity.

Education District

  • International College
  • Student Housing
  • Sports Fields

A place to work, live, play, and raise your children. Union Bay Estates will be a complete educational eco-system. Along with a college level educational facility that includes sports fields, student housing, and supporting retail and commercial components, the community has committed land to School District 71 with additional land to build an elementary/secondary school.

Parks & Greenspace

  • 300 Acres of Greenspace
  • Waterfront Park
  • Trail System

Surrounded by some of the most spectacular scenery, this community has been designed to reflect the world around it. Union Bay Estates will have over 300 acres of parks and greenspace. Along with a public park on the waterfront, one of Union Bay’s key features will be a dedicated park and trail system that runs from the ocean to the edge of the community in the west, creating a spectacular natural amenity for everyone to enjoy.


  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Community Infrastructure Upgrades
  • New Community Services

Along with water treatment plants and environmental rehabilitation and preservation, Union Bay Estates will create a complete municipal infrastructure for its residents. This will include traffic flow and safety improvements on the highway, new community roads, increased water access, new greenspaces, and fresh and waste/water service to all Union Bay Estates homes. Cumulatively, the infrastructure infusion of Union Bay Estates will add millions of dollars to the Comox Valley in terms of jobs, the tax base, and add considerable value to the land and tax base over the long-term.


  • Environmental Protection
  • Environmental Rehabilitation
  • Impact Mitigation

Long before the first building was planned in Union Bay Estates, Kensington Union Bay Properties began laying the foundation for its environmental protection and rehabilitation. To ensure the community impacted and benefited from its natural setting, the community has been developed to first protect and rehabilitate the existing natural environment and then create a community around those resources to ensure that future residents have as little impact on the natural world as possible.